Target: A high performing Executive Engineer transitions into his new role as a VP within the same organization.

Problem: The problem is that the change in leadership position is as a result of a corporate change in strategic direction, and the VP recognizes that he has no experience in overseeing any large scale change initiatives and has only a minimal understanding of the requirements of strategic leadership.

Outcome: To begin with the VP needed real time support in becoming an effective and strategic leader. He sought out a seasoned confident and accountability partner. The coaching relationship established that he possessed the knowledge  to get him through his current challenges, he just needed to upskill his leadership abilities and execute his vision. Over a period of time he developed and deployed a series of informed decisions around actionable changes which focused on strategic outcomes. He cultivated his strategic leadership capacity and introduce new executive level tools and techniques into his daily activities to ensure he remained focus on the bigger picture. He became the leader he was destined to become while steer the organization through a period of internal change and external challenges.