Junior Urban Planner


Target: A Junior Urban Planner is new to the organization, although highly skilled and intellectually gifted.

Problem: The problem is that he is a solo-operator by nature and just wants to be left alone to do his thing! Up until now he has elected to not share his expertise or engage in learning from others across his team. His behavior creates tension and disharmony within his workgroup.

Outcome: The young planner did not accept that he was the source or cause of any disharmony in his workgroup. He was unaware of how he was being perceived by the others and did not understand that his own limiting beliefs and behaviors were relevant to his explicit role in the organization. Through team and individual coaching he became aware that he was limiting his professional trajectory (which was very important to him) if he chose to not learn and grow alongside his team members. He then purposely elected to identify and execute strategic activities that would enhance his team interaction as well as the teams overall performance against desires performance outcomes. Ultimately he develops an understanding of team work and focuses on his contribution to the strategic direction of his workgroup.