Junior Naval Architect

slide9Target: A Junior Naval Architect is assigned to a new organization.

Problem: The problem is that although technically skilled he has no frame of reference for the constraints and unwritten rules of organizational life, or how his function within the team relates to business revenue. His contributions are not meeting team expectations as he has not mastered an understanding of the culture of the organization. He is working with more senior professionals and considers their work/life balance at odds with his personal preferences.

Outcome: Rather than just “being himself” he explored the generational differences and motivations of his colleagues as compared to his own and identified several differences. By first understanding his own motivations (self awareness) and then purposeful exploring the motivations and operating tempo of his team mates (awareness of others) he was able to strike a balance without giving up his need for a work/life balance that respected his time away from the job. This new approach to performing his job reduced inter team friction and enabled him to focus on his  performance goals relative to the organizations’ strategic objectives.