Success Stories

As an Executive Leadership Coach I work across the Engineering and IT community helping leaders, influencers, and high potentials to effectively deal with greater levels of ambiguity, complexity, responsibility and global uncertainty – and to become the leaders they are destined to be.

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slide12A high performing Executive Engineer transitions into his new role as a VP, to become a leader helping steer the organization through a period of internal change and external challenges.

slide1An Engineer Manager is stuck in his previous “expert” role and his need to be right, so he alienates his colleagues and subordinates. Coaching helped him see how disruptive his behavior was to achieving successful business outcomes.

slide6A European based Global Strategic Sourcing Manager fell under a new U.S. VP – with diametrically different styles. She confronted her own limiting beliefs and behaviors before she embraced the new leadership’s’ change in strategic direction

slide8A mathematical expert and team member improves his understanding of organizational dynamics and decision making and the demands of teamwork, reducing stress and frustration for all stakeholders.

slide9NA explores the constraints and unwritten rules of organizational life and increases business revenue by reducing inter team friction and focusing on his performance goals relative to strategic objectives.

slide7NEO increases customer satisfaction by focusing on his strategic leadership within the team and his communication skills external to the team.

slide11The team leader of an overseas automotive parts design group provides adult leadership, strategic direction and improves teamwork among millennials to achieve revenue targets. 

slide3Chief Executive Officer: A new CEO for a boutique construction management company achieves better results through developing a more collaborative leadership style.

slide4Just wants to be left alone to do his thing! Develops an understanding of team work and focuses on his contribution to the strategic direction of his workgroup.

 Click on the icons below and explore the Target/Problem/Outcome for each team workshop/group coaching engagement!

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