Upload Files BRIDGING-THE-GAP©, as an executive leadership coaching program, enables leaders, influencers and high potentials to evolve their leadership capacity to effectively deal with greater levels of ambiguity, complexity, responsibility and global uncertainty.

The Bridging-The-Gap© coaching program is built around each organization’s corporate strategy, mission, vision goals and objectives. We recognize that every coaching engagement must be 100% customized to your needs.  We also recognize that each prospective client comes to a coaching relationship wearing a specific hat, including the EXPLORER hat, the VACATIONER hat, the PRISONER hat, and sometimes the TERRORIST hat:


The Explorer

The “explorer” willingly comes to the coaching relationship to purposely learn and explore about his or her limiting beliefs and counterproductive behaviors, towards achieving self awareness and awareness of others.

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The Vacationer

The “vacationer” comes to the coaching relationship to have a good time, to enjoy the opportunity, and he or she hopes to remain relaxed and be educated or entertained.


The Prisoner

The “prisoner” comes to the coaching relationship reluctantly- he or she was gently asked by his or her employer to seek out a coaching relationship for general support and growth, and is typically skeptical and dubious about the relationship.

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The Terrorist

The “terrorist” is directed to engage a coach; typically as a condition of continued employment, and usually as a last-chance opportunity to work through substantial career-ending beliefs and behaviors.

Through the Bridging-The-Gap© coaching program our goal is to return each client to a state of being an “explorer”- and to intentionally build self awareness and awareness of others, and to explore his or her limiting beliefs and counterproductive behaviors towards becoming the best leader within his work-life and workplace.

Bridging-The-Gap© Program Overview

Leadership drives business. The Bridging-The-Gap© executive leadership coaching program is a real-time program designed for senior leaders, influencers, and high potentials who desire to take their leadership skills to the next level to drive better business outcomes, without stepping away from the controls. Within your already busy schedule we help you to identify and secure time and space in your worklife to advance your leadership capabilities and achieve immediate application of your new knowledge to address specific workplace issues that are negatively impacting performance.

You already understand the vision, goals and objectives for your part of the organization, and can see how they are aligned with the company’s long-term strategy. Although the performance objectives are challenging you know what needs to be done to make them a reality. Up until now your work rhythm has been non-stop, 24/7, and perhaps the unmet objectives consume your thoughts, even when away from the worksite. You feel you have nothing more to give. Your work-life balance is askew.  You know that you have to identify and drive immediate and sustainable change – however – this means breaking out of the cycle of short term thinking. You know that you have to climb out of the trenches and step back from the tactical fight to be able to see and execute the strategic actions you need to take.

That’s the dilemma isn’t it! If you stop doing what you are currently doing and attempt a new approach, the ground may collapse under your feet, and that you will lose traction and risk missing quarterly goals. But if you don’t stop behaving and working in your current manner and try another approach you remain mired in the trenches and unable to direct, influence or achieve more strategic outcomes. You don’t have the luxury of stepping aside and attending a campus-based leadership development program, although there is great value in this approach, and given enough time this could help you and your team be more productive. Your capacity to take on new time consuming activities is limited and you can only commit to solutions that are 100% applicable to your immediate challenges.

The Bridging-The-Gap© coaching program offers an alternative that is 100% applicable to your immediate challenges. We deliver an innovative solution to busy executives who need a structured path to climb out of the trenches and away from tactical issues. Change wont drive itself as only effective leadership drives change, and coaching returns you to a state of effective leadership. You already possess a substantial knowledge base and we enable you to unlock and apply it. We also share knowledge and approaches that are other leaders in a similar position have found valuable.

You can find out if this approach is right for you and your organization by requesting a free strategy session below. During a 90-minute meeting we invite you to reflect on the vision for your part of the business and your goals and objectives for the next 12-24 months. We then help you to explore the most important and challenging aspects of your goals and objectives, and what is most important for your part of the business to get better at to fully achieve them.

Download the program’s One-Page Overview here!

Leveraging value from working in this way

Our coaching work enables leaders, influencers and high potentials to bridge the gap in their leadership skills and evolve their leadership capacity to effectively deal with greater levels of complexity, responsibility, empathy, understanding of the world, and appreciation of the indeterminate creative potential of each moment. Our experience and research suggests those who get most value from coaching programs and deliver a positive return on their organization’s investment demonstrate:

  • A drive for success
  • An agenda for change
  • Values which are aligned with those of the organization
  • A life-long commitment to their own learning and development
  • A willingness to take risks and execute
  • A desire to make a difference
  • An ability to step back

You may like to consider how these attributes resonate with you and discuss them with your inner circle and leadership team.

Program Approach

Coaches are not engaged to do the job of the leader/ manager/supervisor. When I know something and then tell it to you I have become your teacher and I am no longer your coach. We fully appreciate that you are the most qualified person to identify the solution to your challenges. You know the players and the domain better than anyone. Coaching is involves listening and asking good questions, and is often the art of challenging your pre-existing story. What we do is help you make an informed decision about which changes will most benefit your results and prioritize the actions you will take then observe the measures that tell if your efforts are working. This process brings focus to our work and enables us co-create the outcomes you want from the program.

Your coach designs a bespoke program for you, reflective of your organizational context, current leadership style and your need for change. Together we clarify the important issues you want to attend to now. As your coach we build upon what you already know and suggest where you can usefully extend your knowledge or adapt your capabilities to foster change and achieve results more effectively. Our work is actionable and specific to problems you are attempting to solve today. During the 7 to 10-month program we work with you for 2-3 hours per month, to achieve your outcomes.

Spreading the contact hours and e-mailing of reading resources over the 7 to 10-month period nurtures our coaching relationship, and permits practical learning that you immediately implement, which will lead to changes that becomes embedded in your worklife. Between each coaching session you will begin to internalize and reflect of the knowledge and perspectives shared and begin to become aware of your own growth in problem solving abilities. Each coaching session is relevant to your specific worklife challenges, and the solutions and outcomes will be framed in the context of your performance goals and the organization’s business objectives strategy.

All development is the process of differentiation and integration. Each coaching session serves as a catalyst for differentiation, integration and execution. Your coach serves as the accountability partner for the immediate execution of your new awareness. Through coaching change is inevitable, however growth is optional. Change is a messy process as you begin to field test new behaviors, ideas and approaches. Together we will review your reflections and emerging awareness of your internal changes as you implement changes within the workplace.

Bridging-The-Gap© Program


Phase I: Getting Our Bearings!

Establishing our respective bearings relative to your organizations’ strategy and your individual area of responsibility represents a data gathering process and involves asking penetrating questions. Our approach to getting our bearings is based upon extensive research and reflection, and involves a three-way session between you, the coachee, your line manager and your coach. Together we begin to scope outcomes for your program and identify how to measure progress and results. This three-way session raises the bar with regard to your organizational perspective, as it is also an opportunity to understand how your line managers’ objectives will be impacted by your improved performance. While this approach may seem onerous a prescription without diagnosis is malpractice in any industry.

Premium Services. Depending upon the outcome of the initial strategy session we may also suggest some additional Premium Services including

  1. a period (typically 1-2 days) of “shadowing” to observe you in your natural habitat in order to gain understanding of the context behind the challenges you are experiencing. Shadowing is typically reserved for senior executives currently performing at the level of THE ACHIEVER, THE INDIVIDUALIST or  THE STRATEGIST and who desire to lean forward to a more transformative and influential leadership level.
  2. A 360 Degree Qualitative Multi-rater Feedback from a variety of workplace sources on work-related behavior and/or performance and includes feedback from an employee’s subordinates, peers, and supervisor(s).
  3. A Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® assessment, which helps leaders gain insights about themselves and how they interact with others—and improve how they communicate, learn, and work. It provides a powerful framework for building better relationships, driving positive change, harnessing innovation, and achieving excellence.


Phase II: Leveling Up!

About half way through the series of Bridging-The-Gap coaching engagements we conduct a second three-way session, the purpose of which is to report on progress and secure feedback from your line manager. We share tangible results and explore the value of changes you have made to those impacted, including team members, peers, others stakeholders such as customers, suppliers and partner organizations. At this juncture we can also discuss any course-corrections necessary from the perspective of the line manager. Additionally, it is important to be aware that change in you as the coachee is not enough, as you will also need to change others’ perceptions of you. Don’t underestimate how significantly invested other are in the “up-until-now” of pre-coaching version of you.

Phase III: Embedding Your Growth!

As our coaching engagement concludes we will co-create a Sustain Growth plan which assures you continue to evolve your leadership capacity and change agenda over the next 3-4 months without the attendance of an accountability partner. Leadership is about mastering the art of accountability – within yourself and in others, and the plan safeguards and embeds your progress while also building upon your efforts. So that you don’t have to go “cold turkey” we will provide ongoing email support for a further 6 months.

As a concluding exercise we will conduct a review of where you came from versus where you are now. We assist in measuring your achievement against outcomes and business objectives and analyze your results against the measures we set forth at the outset of the coaching engagement. Coaching empowers individuals to make a difference, raising the bar for others to follow, and improve performance outcomes. Understanding your own learning outcomes facilitates your ability to coach others to achieve stronger business outcomes, to develop large scale systems, and work with people across different generational cohorts, and other disciplines and cultures

Evolved Leadership

When you evolve your leadership skills, your  organizational value changes for the better. When corporations help employees and leadership teams evolve their value proposition, they reap rich rewards over the long-term. A study by Bloomberg Business Week and Hay Group found that companies ranked in the top 20 for leadership acumen significantly outperformed the S&P 500 in both the short and long term.  This finding makes developing effective leaders not only a talent management priority, but also a business imperative. The formal close our Bridging-The-Gap coaching program is too early to assess the long-term value of your evolved leadership capacity, which is why we follow up with you 4-6 months later. In an Enhanced Value Proposition interview, we look back at your Sustain Growth plan, then we discern how you have internalized the learning process which will be manifested as your enhanced ability to add value to the organization through quality leadership.  Our final inquiry looks for Level 4 Lerarning Results([1])

Next Steps……

Significantly it is the activity of “leadership” that drives business outcomes across all industries and sectors.  Organizations understand, and substantial research supports, that effective leadership drives better business outcomes.   Miscast leaders fail to engage employees and send high performers out the door.  CEOs recognize their organizations cannot retain highly engaged, high-performing employees without effective leaders who can manage, coach, develop, and inspire their multi-generational, globally dispersed, and tech-savvy teams.  To explore if our Bridging-The-Gap coaching program can help you to address important issues and challenges that you want to attend to now simply request a free 90-minute Strategy Session.

During the strategy session you will be invited to reflect on:

  • The vision for your part of the business
  • Your objectives for the next 12-24 months
  • The most important and challenging aspects of achieving your objectives
  • What’s most important for your part of the business to get better at to fully achieve objectives.

To request your free STRATEGY SESSION please send an e-mail to We will contact you within 48 hours.

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