Welcome to the Bridging-The-Gap(c) Executive Coaching Program for Improving Your People Skills!

Before we conduct our first coaching session you must watch the following 30-min video about kick-starting your coaching engagement! THEN you must download, read, sign, and return each of the following 5 documents at least 24 hours BEFORE our first scheduled coaching session.


Attached are five (5) initial documents for your review/completion and return

1.Begin by printing/reviewing the ICF Code of Ethics, which I as a coach adhere to, then

2.Print/read/sign/return the Client AGREEMENT Sheet

3.Print/read/return the Client INTAKE Sheet

4.Print/read/sign/return the Client GOALS  Sheet

5.Print/read/sign/return the Client INFO Sheet

Items 1 through 5 should be completed and returned at least one day in advance of our first coaching session.