Did You Know That You Can Make Someone’s Workplace Better in 2017!

(How, you ask?)


Give The Gift Of Coaching To Engineers, Scientists, Technologists – And Other Really Smart People!

The Bridging-The-Gap© mini-coaching sampler program provides Engineers, Scientists, Technologists – and Other Really Smart People – with the worklife assistance that they often won’t seek out for themselves – simply because they don’t know they need it.


Who can benefit from the gift of coaching?

  •  Aspiring leaders who want to grow their leadership capacity.
  •  Emerging executives seeking enhanced executive presence in their newly assigned leadership roles.
  •  Technical experts seeking to influence broader conversations within their organization or worklife.
  •  New entrants into the organization who are struggling with confidence issues, or understanding their role in organizational life.
  •  Perhaps Even You!


Do you know an Engineer, Scientist, or Technologist (or maybe it’s you) that is having trouble transitioning from “doing” to “leading and influencing”? Then let me help you to help them by presenting a mini-coaching sampler program, built around the 7-10 month long Bridging-The-Gap©” program, which is designed for especially smart individuals who are challenged with the demands of leadership and positive interpersonal behaviors.


“Perhaps they were hired for their technical skills – but they will be fired for their people skills”


Think about your colleagues for a moment – you know the ones that perhaps were hired for their technical skills – but they will be fired for their people skills! Your gift can help them to help themselves because coaching strengthens leadership capacity and interpersonal skills. Coaching is especially useful for Engineers, Scientists, and Technologists – And OTHER REALLY SMART PEOPLE – because the process helps them to understand how the behaviors that got them this far are no longer appropriate, and are preventing them from moving forward.


“…behaviors that got them this far are no longer appropriate…”


The intensive 3-week Bridging-The-Gap© mini-coaching sampler program offers the opportunity to explore just how powerful coaching can be (see HERE for success stories) and to begin to identify how limiting beliefs and behaviors are preventing really smart people becoming great leaders.  As an executive coach I work with each client individually and offer them a tailored plan and a confidential partner to help move beyond their technical expertise, towards becoming an effective leader of people – with insight and influence.

The focus of the mini-coaching sampler program can be on developing:

  • Awareness of self
  • Awareness of others
  • Goal setting
  • Team building
  • Executive decision-making
  • Executive presence
  • Leadership capacity


Why not give the gift of the Bridging-The-Gap© mini-coaching sampler program to someone in your professional network and help them become the leader they are destined to be (then if they want to engage in a more intense coaching program they have the framework to move forward for themselves).

The intensive mini-coaching sampler program includes:

  1. Detailed client intake forms, completed in advance of coaching engagement to begin the period of self-refection and help clarify how the coaching relationship will work and how we bring ourselves into the process; followed by a
  2. 60 minute (via SKYPE) overview of coaching process, the content of the client intake forms, and the coaching goals of client in advance of coaching; followed by
  3. 3 each 60 minute intensive (via SKYPE) coaching sessions over a 5 week period; followed by
  4. 3 each minimum reading resource recommendations (1 per session) in support of coaching goals
  5. 30 minute post-coaching (via SKYPE ) review around identified goals and forward actions.


Purchase Now! And make the gift of coaching a reality to a colleague or subordinate who doesn’t know their true potential  – or how to make the investment in them self!


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