10WOMEN/10HOURS Free Executive Leadership Coaching

10 Women/10 Hours

10 Women/10 Hours

ATTENTION FEMALE LEADERS:  I am making space in my life to do something purposeful!. While I am deeply saddened by the outcome of our U.S. election I have decided to do something useful with my grief.

Today (11/9/16) Deepak Chopra wrote that No matter how dark the times are we must face reality and quietly work for the common good and collective evolution with love and compassion.

For many reasons that I don’t need to enumerate here I believe we need more women in senior leadership positions within our government and across the corporate world. My gift for the common good is to offer 10 WOMEN/10 HOURS of free Executive Leadership Coaching over the next 10 months, so that you are better prepared to be heard at more senior levels, and to influence the conversation about how all citizens on our planet get to live.  All I ask in return is that you pay it forward and mentor 10 other women towards becoming the best leader they can be.

Submit your request to INFO@MCGConsultingGroup.com  by answering the following 3 questions:

  1. Why do you want to be a leader in your community/organization?
  2. What is preventing you from being an influential leader today?
  3. How will you help 10 other women to become successful leaders in the future.

I will select 10 participants by 16 November and notify you by e-mail.

Dr Tina