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Dr. Martina Carroll-Garrison, PCC – “Dr. Tina”

Martina Carroll-Garrison, aka Dr Tina, works with leaders, influencers, and high potentials across high performing organization including the Engineering, Science and IT community, who are frequently side-tracked by tactical stuff at the expense of focusing on high value strategic issues. As a consequence, their business outcomes suffer. Whether they want is to improve their leadership skills, change their focus to big-picture issues, or drive superior business outcomes Dr Tina offers a coaching, training or organizational strategy insights specific to their needs. As a Georgetown trained and ICF certified coach, Dr Tina’s expertise includes Executive Leadership Coaching, which when combined with her Doctoral Studies and academic instructional background in management, leadership and organizational behavior enables her to address all three dimensions of organizational life.

The Person (Individual) Dimension
  • Executive Leadership Coaching
  • Employee Intervention
  • Conflict Management
  • Mentor Program Management
  • Employee Development
    •  Myers-Briggs®
    • Strong Interest Inventory®
    • TKI®
    • FIRO®
The People (Group) Dimension
  • Leadership & Executive Development
  • Strategic Workforce Training Initiatives (EEO, Civility, Customer Service, Team Building)
  • Culture Assessment and Optimization

The Process (Organization) Dimension

  • Organizational Assessments of Operations & Capabilities
  • Program Analysis and Evaluation
  • Strategic Planning & Assessments
Previously she spent 25+ years in various executive, consulting and technical roles with the U.S. Department of Army and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  Although Dr Tina began her career as a Civil Engineer she embraced the concept of lifelong learning and completed her Doctorate of Management at the University of Phoenix in 2012. She also earned a M.S. in Resource Strategy at the National Defense University and a M.A. in Global Strategy from Excelsior College.
To find out more about Dr Tina or the strategic power of leadership coaching you can review her multiple leadership articles on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/DrMartinaCarrollGarrison or e-mail her directly at INFO@MCGConsultingGroup.com.

While coaching, training and consulting under the umbrella of the MCG Consulting Group, her client base is diverse .  Dr Tina’s federal clients include the Defense Logistics Agency, the  FMWR Training Academy in San Antonio TX, the Armed Forces Retirement Home, The HQ for the US Department of Army, The HQ for the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the HQ for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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Private sector clients draw from a variety of industries and mostly include high performing individuals (including Engineers, Scientists  and IT professionals) from among the STEM community.


Private sector clients include individuals from across the Engineering and IT Community:

Transportation and Warehousing
Finance and Insurance
Real Estate Rental and Leasing
Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
Management of Companies and Enterprises