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When corporations help individuals and teams evolve their leadership capability, they reap rich rewards through improved business outcomes. 



Conventional wisdom suggests that great leaders are made, not born. How they develop is critical for organizational change. The MCG Consulting Group advocates for helping leaders and teams to develop because effective leadership is critical to better business outcomes. This perspective stems from the belief that it is the activity of “leadership” that drives business outcomes across all industries and sectors.

There are many leadership frameworks in existence. William Torbert [i] introduced the concept of action-logic as a way to describe the 7 Stages Of Development For Leaders, proposing that as leaders evolve as they journey through 7 successive stages of development.  Each development stage involves greater levels of complexity, responsibility, empathy, understanding of the world, and appreciation of the indeterminate creative potential of each moment.

Which one of seven developmental action logics represent where you are on your leadership journey? Each action logic or stage functions as a leader’s dominant current way of thinking – Opportunist, Diplomat, Expert, Achiever, Individualist, Strategist, or Alchemist. Leaders move through these categories as abilities grow.  Few become Alchemists, but many have the desire and potential to become Individualists or Strategists. Corporations that help executives and leadership teams examine their action logics reap rich rewards.


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The leader’s voyage of development is not without challenges. Some members of the organization will choose to change very little over the course of their career, whereas others will change substantially. Despite the undeniably crucial role of genetics, human nature is not fixed. Those who are willing to work at developing their potential and becoming more self-aware can almost certainly evolve over time into truly transformational leaders.

Research indicates that there are three types of leaders associated with below-average corporate performance. Opportunists, Diplomats, and Experts accounted for 55% of the below-average corporate performance research sample. They were significantly less effective at implementing organizational strategies than the 30% of the population who measured as Achievers. Moreover, only the final 15% of leaders in the sample (Individualists, Strategists, and Alchemists) showed the consistent capacity to innovate and to successfully transform their organizations.

Knowing your own action logic can be the first step toward developing a more effective leadership style. If you recognize yourself as an Individualist,  you can develop the strengths and characteristics of a Strategist. Explore the pictures above and ID your action logic as a leader as best you can. You may find that more than one level speaks to where you see yourself as a leader. By exploring the 7 action logics you will heighten your self-awareness regarding what’s deficient in your leadership input right now.

What About Your Team: Are You Aware Of Where They Are On Their Leadership Journey? Use the levels to see where your team is on their leadership path and where you can encourage them to adapt their behavior.

Our BRIDGING-THE-GAP© program helps you evolve as a leader and develop a more effective leadership style depending upon where you are on your career path.  Bridge Building through Executive Leadership Coaching enables both emerging and seasoned leaders to raise their game when transitioning to new roles or challenges, while also nurturing higher levels of creativity and innovation in those around them. The program enables leaders to identify and drive immediate and sustainable change, resulting in higher levels of service, greater client satisfaction, and increased revenue and profit.  The coaching program disrupts, evolves, and innovates the leadership function causing leaders to think differently, work more collaboratively, and take their team and organizations to the next level.

We also offer group coaching, training and professional development through our ENTERPRISE  set of solutions. What About Your Team Then –  Are You Aware Of Where They Are On Their Leadership Journey? Use the levels to see where your team is on their leadership path and where you can encourage them to adapt 0r improve their behavior. You can also suggest or direct skill development programs that raise the skills of your organization with our ENTERPRISE wide customized solution set. From needs assessment to customized courses, and the measuring of results, your team will benefit from our unique approach.



[i] https://hbr.org/2005/04/seven-transformations-of-leadership